What if AT&T, IBM and NESTLE wanted YOU . . .

Three Vital Steps MOST Often Missed When Selling to a Major Corporation (who isn’t scrolling Facebook looking for freebies)!!

Statistics show that over 70% of professional development hours required to maintain relevancy and certifications to DO their job are OUTSOURCED.

WHO are they outsourcing to? It COULD be YOU.

They’re bringing in experts in specific areas for workshops, conferences, “lunch and learns” and now digitally with courses and programs.

What does this mean for you?

Have you been creating OFFERS that have fallen on deaf ears and gotten almost NO traction because you are a soft whisper in the big boom of all of the other marketers selling to the SAME small group of startup entrepreneurs??

Are you sick of being MORE NOISE in an already crowded and BLOODY pool using the SAME thing everyone else you know is using:

The same scripted funnels

The same templated slide decks

The same fill-in-the-blank sales pages

Everyone is casting the same line into the same pond and talking about the red ocean versus blue ocean but the #1 biggest thing they miss is CREATING a DIFFERENT OCEAN.

I know where the BIG FISH ARE!!!

This is #1. Knowing that there are hundreds of other pools where they DON’T know the name of the sales page design you used before they read the first word.

What if you could add a zero (or two) to the end of your current course price, VIP Day, or Strategy Session? It’s possible.

What if you only have to make ONE sale to hit your goals versus a hundred individual sales? It’s possible.

The question I get most often is “Where do I start”?

This is the SECOND VITAL STEP often missed when approaching a corporate client…

You don’t have to SELL to the monolithic BIG corporation, they just need to sell one thing to one person at a time.

When I sold to IBM, I didn’t sell to IBM, I sold to Bob.

So find BOB.

Where is he?

There are a few specific steps to take here but know this — everyone has a public footprint — more so now than ever.

Find Bob, and start a relationship with HIM first. He may have insider information you may not be able to get anywhere else.

I use a strategy called Heat Mapping here and clients have had huge success getting meetings with seemingly “ungettable” decision-makers.

Look at the company website, check out the directory, look at your connections on social platforms like LinkedIn.

Are you connected?

Can you GET connected?

The third VITAL STEP is to keep the conversation going. These are typically longer sales processes. It doesn’t mean it will take years but it is definitely not transactional. This means continuing to find new and creative ways to connect with your “BOB”. This is where it gets super fun!!

You stay in control of the conversation flow. Don’t ever leave it up to them to call you when they are ready… otherwise, you will be waiting for a long time and often will just have been the warm-up act for the star who will come in and make the deal.

Bottom line, you have so much untapped potential and it’s often right in front of you but you have been fishing the same dead fishing hole and the WATERS are BLOODY.

I’ll say it again . . . I know where the BIG FISH ARE!!!

Pick up your pole and find a place where you can find BIG fish easily. A place where they jump out of the water and swim to YOU.

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