Was it just luck?

Want to know how she turned a $150 “one-off” into a $9,000 proposal that was accepted by the client without batting an eyelash?

It’s not LUCK or a magic trick, it’s ONE of my time-tested, proven sales strategies.

Let me ask you. . .

Have you ever thought to yourself “I can do so MANY things but which one should I FOCUS on first?”

The answer: start with the easiest (or as I say “no brainer”) offer FIRST.


Why not give the client EVERYTHING they want AND EVERYTHING you know they need right up front? The answer is. . . often, they are not ready to buy it all and if you only give them what they absolutely 100% want right now, then you will secure yourself 3 VERY beneficial things:

  1. You secured a paying client today (it’s easier to sell to existing clients)
  2. You secured the role as a trusted advisor because you didn’t try to “over” sell
  3. You secured the opportunity to be the FIRST person to show them the best path FORWARD (often in MORE ways than they had ever imagined)

Still skeptical?

That’s okay. I just went through this with a woman in my mastermind and even SHE didn’t believe me at first.

“Nobody ever asks me for that…” she said. . .

I replied, “I know, that’s what the P.O.I.N.T. meeting is for . . . once you’ve delivered the “no brainer” offer”.

Let me break it down.


Too many highly qualified service providers often under-value themselves and don’t see the POTENTIAL in each and every client, or if they do, they don’t know how to START the conversation . . .


**(This is the key transition to turning her $150 logo into a $9,000 contract)

I teach my clients my signature strategy called “P.O.I.N.T”:

  • Show Progress (through data and screenshots)
  • Show the Opportunities that you noticed they could be taking advantage of
  • Invite them to imagine what it might like if you look like if you helped them
  • Take the Next Steps
  • Treat them like GOLD

It’s highly likely that you know I work with smart women who run coaching and consulting businesses. Many also do high level “done-for-you” services like ghostwriting, branding design, digital marketing, and run paid ads across Planet Internet.

But there is something brewing in the underbelly.

A crack, an issue, a major problem that very few talk about . . . and it has to do with the BIG SECRET behind BIG TICKET SALES.

Here’s what I mean:

When your inner voice is saying “wait but first I must_____(fill in the blank)____”

That is a LIE.

When that inner voice keeps telling you that what you want is too far off and there are too many steps and you just keep spinning your wheels . . .

That is a LIE.

There is absolutely NO reason that you cannot have the clients you want, the business you want and lay the foundation for a legacy of true transformation.

This is not “woo”. This is a FACT. I coach smart people through this every.single.day.

FACT: I have been teaching thousands of people throughout my career to do this exact thing.

FACT: Without money coming in, without SALES, you have a hobby. BUT WAIT, BEFORE you start “shoulding” all over yourself, write this TRUTH down and keep repeating it

“You CAN make sales and maintain your integrity, kindness and reputation.”

If this feels hard, we should hang out more!!

Start with my FREE Training today (while it’s still free) www.reneehribar.co/training



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