Create Urgency and Make it Memorable

Writing poetry was my first love.

When I was a kid, I had read somewhere that you could send in your poems to Hallmark and they might pay you for your words. I wrote and wrote and wrote in the hopes of writing the words that connected two people in a way that their own words could not express.

I had an insider who was willing to help . . .

My grandmother was an advice columnist for our local newspaper (not Hallmark, but BIG to me) and offered to type up some of my POEMS and submit them for me to her editor (this was the 1980's).


It wasn’t Hallmark, but my words were printed on ink and paper to be distributed to strangers. That was my first experience as a published author.

I was 12 when that happened.

“Write like you’re running out of time” is a lyric from the song “Non-Stop” in the Musical Hamilton that really resonates with the writer in me and it totally aligns with the selling process. (Have you listened to that soundtrack on repeat like me?)

My Takeaway: Create urgency and make it memorable.

“Words have power” has been forged into my psyche from a young age. I grew up watching the adults around me use words to navigate tough decisions, make horrendous mistakes, and respond selfishly. I am thankful for the lessons they have taught me about what NOT to say.

Life circumstances that I wanted to turn into lessons inspired me to write down what I could not say out loud for fear I would be disowned. It seemed when I wrote the words down on paper, my words had more weight.

“Words have power”

Committed to focusing on how to use words for good. . . I kept studying.

Committed to doing things “by the book” and not breaking or even bending the rules, I kept studying. It was the rules I could fall back on, just like the law (which I loved).

When I started my professional sales career, I was quickly discovered for my ability to take something average and turn it into something exciting using the right words. Management began to send me awful marketing that had been given to us by our MAMMOTH clients . . .

Boxes of “marketing” were sent to me with one request: that I “clean it up”.

Those words, in writing, were approved by the calm and intellectual brains that determined “rules and laws”. This is how I continued on my journey to communicate great value and do it honestly.

No rules were broken or bent.

Those sales scripts I created were rolled out nationally and created hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for our clients.

I continued to ascend in the company and eventually was given the chance to go “out in the field”. That consisted of going business to business USING those words I had deciphered and written to communicate value on behalf of our clients. I’d then spend my nights writing BETTER sales scripts.

All of that accelerated my journey to sales success.

I continued on that path, eventually breaking off from the company and creating my own ISO. I grew and scaled that company over the next 13 years. Then sold it and became a yoga teacher . . . (another story for another day).

What does this have to do with YOU (today)?

That experience and how it relates to doing business online TODAY is what I share each week for FREE during my “S” Word LIVE Show. Too many smart business owners, freelancers, agency owners, and coaches make this entire process waaayyyy too hard for themselves. It’s my mission to make selling for yourself Simple, EASY, AND Fun!

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