8 + What Equals 2,693?

It all starts with a story about a group that I founded with only 8 people that is now a thriving online space with 2,693 people. This group has become a source of community connection, inspiration, and income in ways that may surprise you.

This group is “Entrepreneurial Connections Movement”.

I started my group, “Entrepreneurial Connections Movement” as a place to connect with the featured women in an e-magazine that I created as a way to connect with potential clients each week when I FIRST brought my business to the online space.

This e-magazine was called “Entrepreneurial Parents Magazine” and was delivered via email. I was the sole editor, writer, designer, and publisher.

The women featured shared their entrepreneurial journey discussing how they had built their businesses and how that impacted their parenting.

I wrote additional articles and recorded videos to support the reader in making sales for their business while staying healthy with a one-minute yoga move (because as busy entrepreneurs and parents we had very little time to devote to ourselves).

It made perfect sense to me.

I had 20 years of experience selling and teaching others to sell, had received my 200-hour Hatha Yoga Certification, and my husband and I had a 12-year journey to becoming parents that made running a business look easy.

The free community on Facebook was created as an “after-party” for readers to continue to connect with the featured women business owners and the topics discussed in the most recent issue.

Not surprisingly, it was also a great place for me to continue to connect with the women I had interviewed and where many of them decided to become my clients. Even better news, each of these women and I are still connected today having continued to work together in MANY different capacities.

The picture at the top of this article is of a small group of women I met and worked with as a direct result of continuing to cultivate relationships that centered on my free group. The pool we are all sitting by is in the back garden of a 6 bedroom house in Miami that I rented for a long weekend to host a retreat.

I wonder what your version of the Miami pool picture might look like if you take a few minutes right now and come into my free community to share a little about your business.

And, maybe you are wondering. . .

What is the answer to the question: 8 + what equals 2,693 ?

The answer is relationships. They can start as easily as sharing a link in a group and can be so wonderful and surprising. I encourage you to be open and be willing to share. Good things are ready to come your way!

Click here now and share.



PS: I still host interviews with amazing business women and share them in the group. Click HERE and check it out!

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